Gift set Perlíto 8x 250ml

Gift set Perlíto 8x 250ml

250 ml | 9.5 %
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The package contains 8 flavours of PERLÍTO in 0.25 l cans. You can enjoy peach, grapefruit, pear, strawberry, raspberry, black currant, apricot, and cherry.

PERLÍTO is a refreshing fizzy drink from wine and fruit juices, with lower alcohol contentreal-fruit taste, and no extra added beet sugar. It tastes best ice-cold or as a mixed drink.

Serving temperature: About 6 °C.

Producer: Zlomek & Vávra winery.

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Alcohol: 9.5 %
Country of origin: Česká republika
Packaged in: DRINK2GO s.r.o.
Volume: 250 ml
Weight: 3100 g